In collaboration with Thom Hines from Portland State University, we built a to-do list app called Bzzy. We’ve been using the app ourselves, and we love it! If you need help organizing your life, check out the beta!


  • Brand and Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile UI/UX
  • Motion Graphics
  • Voiceover and Music Composition
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy

We made Bzzy with Bzzy

Creating Bzzy with such a small team helped us unify the brand and business strategy. Along the way, we actually put Bzzy to the test by using the app to manage all of our tasks. We checked off the list as we created the brand, the mobile app UX/UI, the beta website, marketing content, music composition, video work and helped develop the product strategy. So many things to do, we’re glad we got Bzzy!



We created the brand personality for Bzzy, incorporating it into every design execution possible. Bzzy personifies a character that doesn’t have time to mess around. This concept inspired us to design an efficient UI/UX. Most to-do list apps require some sort of initial training. Bzzy is designed so that the user can start using the app right away. Features are organized to prevent distraction up front and provide more options for advanced users to maximize productivity.

Launch Website