We like to make nice things.

Nice Touch is your go-to studio of creatives, developers, and strategists. We challenge the ordinary creative process and travel beyond what is comfortable or easy.

Work with us.

Nice Touch is currently looking for front-end developers and UI/UX designers. We have opportunities for part-time and contract work, as well as full-time employment. Positions can be remote and/or in-office located in SE PDX. We’re looking for motivated, creative humans that value inclusivity, diversity, science, and work-life balance.

Things we care about:
Innovation and creativity. We always want to challenge our clients and our team to be different and break boundaries.
Adaptability. We work with a variety of clients. Adjustability is crucial.
Friendly. Our approach is down-to-earth and just plain friendly. Be nice.
Forthcoming. We value transparent, candid communication.
Balance. We want everyone on our team to enjoy life outside the workplace. We believe that fulfilling, balanced and happy humans are able to be their most productive, creative selves.
Diversity. We welcome every type of human bean. We are always striving for new perspectives and to be a more diverse group.
Progressive. We believe that whenever possible, our work should make a positive difference towards peace and equity across the globe.

Shoot us a note with your stuff (portfolio/Github/resume/website/LinkedIn) at hello@nicetouch.co if you’re interested in collaborating with us.